Laser Tube Cutting Services

With our 5 tube laser cutting systems we have the capacity, experience, and knowledge to handle your largest production demands. 

Ohio Laser recently added Bevel Cutting capabilities to support our customers growing demands

Laser Tube Cutting Capabilities


  • Tube Bending
  • Roll formed tubing
  • Laser tube cutting outside dimensions between .6” through 7” square tubes and 10” round tubes up to 1/2’” wall thickness
  • Elimination of stack up tolerances inherent in multiple operations
  • Shapes supported by our laser tube cutting systems include round, oval, square, rectangular, and other custom closed profiles.
  • Other open shapes such as angle, “C” channels, and other structural shapes maybe supported please consult with Ohio Laser for more information.
  • Our laser tube cutting equipment accommodates up to 29.5’ tubes weighing a maximum of 500 lbs.
  • Our laser tube cutting machines have automated loading systems that can handle up to 8000lbs bundles
  • Self-centering chucking jaws do not need to be changed, and rollers which guide tubes through the laser tube cutting machine automatically adjusting to their diameter
  • Reliable automated seam detection
  • Virtually unlimited cutting configurations
  • No tooling required with our tube cutting machines
  • Smaller lot sizes and processing of a wide variety of metal alloys
  • Stainless tube cutting and fabrication
  • Our advanced laser tube cutting systems reduce fixture costs and increase productivity with the utilization of plug in and/or folded joint connections

Manufacturers can benefit from this leading-edge industrial laser tube cutting technology by outsourcing their work for faster production of frames, racks, supports, trusses, manifolds or any other item made from cut tubes. A few of the most common products produced using this laser tube cutting technology include: exercise equipment, support tubing, support tubing for clothing racks, automotive ultra-high strength tubing, side impact bars, perforating gun systems, railing, agricultural equipment, engineered architectural equipment, forklift equipment, crane and lift equipment, industrial fast food equipment, off road equipment, construction equipment, playground equipment, weightlifting wall mounts, outdoor sign frames, garment racks, hand railing, ornamental railing, bar fixtures, store fixtures, point of purchase displays, sign stands, folding tables, medical carts, food guards, etc.

Ohio Laser Is an Ideal Supplier to Roll Formers

  • Roll formed tube
  • Toll processing for roll formers
  • Tube roll forming

Other Common Applications of Laser Tube Cutting

  • exercise equipment
  • steel cut tubing
  • tube fabricators
  • bevel cut pipe and tube
  • food processing tube and pipe
  • stainless tubing
  • sanitary tube and pipe cutting
  • display cases
  • industrial tables
  • bed frames
  • medical bed frames
  • wheel chair frames
  • racking systems
  • shelving
  • adjustable basketball systems
  • conveyor tubes
  • all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • roll bar cages
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