Copper, Brass, and Bronze

Copper and all its related alloys were nearly impossible to laser cut without issues using CO2 lasers.  The far infrared wavelength of CO2 is not absorbed easily by these alloys whereas near-infrared fiber laser are ideally suited for these metals.  

Copper is typically laser cut to 3/8 inches using higher pressure oxygen and exhibits good edge quality with little or no dross depending upon thickness processed.  110 copper alloy in soft, quarter, half, three quarters and full hardness’s can be cut.

Brass is cut using high-pressure nitrogen as an assist gas up to 3/8 inches thick at Ohio Laser. Edge quality is good with little to no dross depending upon thickness. Alloy 464 or naval brass, Muntz metal or alloy 280, brass alloys 260 and 353 with any hardness can be laser processed.

Bronze is also cut with high-pressure nitrogen as an assist gas to ¼ inch thickness with acceptable results.