Stainless Steel & Aerospace Alloys

Stainless Steels and Aerospace Alloys

The fiber laser has again increased production rates and has made processing stainless an easier proposition then using CO2 laser technology. However, the high beam quality has not quite achieved the superior edge quality smoothness of CO2 laser cutting but he gaps are closing. Typically, a high-pressure nitrogen assist gas is used for food processing, aerospace, medical and other sanitary applications.  High-pressure air is utilized in other non-critical applications but comes with the compromises that come with using the impurities of air for welding and corrosion resistance.  Ohio Laser only recommends nitrogen to process stainless steels and other aerospace alloys. We can cut most of these materials to well over one inch in thickness and can cut with or without protective plastic film so long and the plastic covering is rated for fiber lasers and adheres tightly.

Alloys processed include: 204, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 430, 440, 18-8, 18-4, precipitation hardened, maraging, Hastelloy, Inconel grades and other nickel and chromium-based alloys.