CNC Punching

Ohio Laser has added CNC Punching to its many services offered

  • Trumpf TruPunch
  • Fully automated SheetMaster and PartsMaster
  • Lights out production capability
  • Compact automation
  • Optimum part quality
  • Punch to bend capability

With the addition of the CNC punch, Ohio Laser has expanded to its wide array of services offered to reduce production cost and increase production efficiency .

CNC punching

TruPunch 2000







The punch is designed to move a sheet of metal in the x and y directions to accurately position the sheet under the machine’s punching ram. The CNC punch is extremely flexible in what shape it can punch (square, rectangle, round) quickly and accurately. The added benefit of bending during punching allows for louvers, ribs, embossing, tapping, countersinking, marking, knockouts, hinges, lances, deburring, flanges, bridges, counter bores, extrusions, dimples, and bending up to 1” tall in one operation. Being highly productive and flexible, the machine manufactures a wide range of parts. Our machine can punch sheet metal up to ¼ inch and can handle materials with dimensions up to 50 inches x 120 inches. Contact us today for more information!