Metal Finishing

Ohio Laser FinishingOhio Laser offers a multiple array of metal finishing services which include:

  • Oxide removal of laser cut surfaces. This is a requirement for any laser cut edge that requires powder or wet paint adhesion. The machine removes all loose oxide from steel laser cut parts ranging in thickness from 7 ga. (4.5mm) through ¾” (19mm) plate.
  • Edge rounding. All laser cut or punched products can now benefit from radiused edges on most external and internal edges. This helps in not only removing any burrs but also helps in preventing paint from chipping at sharp or very square laser cut or punched edges.
  • Surface graining. We now offer various grained surface finishes on both the top and bottom of all laser cut and punched products. The machine can also produce a non-directional finish on both surfaces.
  • Deburring. Laser cut and punched edges can now be deburred with or without plastic coating. A superior part can now be manufactured for almost any application.
  • Through the support of our service partners we can coordinate painting, plating, heat treating, and numerous other services.


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