Flat Laser Cutting

Ohio Laser is here to help with any and all of your flat laser cutting needs. We have the capacity, experience, and knowledge to handle your largest production demands. With improved cut accuracy, Ohio Laser can cut parts with a near perfect fit up, which reduces the amount of time needed for sub-assemblies and weldments. Our capacity allows us to maximize efficiency and reduce lead time while delivering the highest quality part to our customer.

Specifications of Flat Laser Cutting Machine

  • Automated Trumpf CO2 and Fiber Laser flat cutting systems up to 6000 Watts.
  • Can cut up to 1” Carbon Steel, 1” Stainless Steel, 5/8” Aluminum, ¼” Copper, Brass and Bronze
  • Finished part sizes up to 2 meters by 4 meters (80in x 160in)
  • JIT access to an extensive array of materials
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Engineering services utilize SolidWorks and various CAD/CAM software’s
  • Metal finishing, welding, bending, machining, assembly and packaging
  • With support from our service partners we can complete your project by providing painting, plating, heat treating, and other services


Trumpf 3030 Fiber Laser Cutting Specifications:

  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Lights out production ability
  • Trumpf TruStore- Tallest in North America
  • Advanced flat cutting capabilities



Other Advantages of Flat Laser Cutting

Laser flat cutting technology offers a distinct number of critical tooling and design advantages. From an engineer’s perspective, laser cutting is a dream because it improves an organization’s capability to take an idea and turn it into a finished part, without tooling. First, laser cutting’s non-contact cutting process greatly reduces tool wear. Operators can make part design modifications with improved ease and speed due to the elimination of tooling rework. Also laser cutting eliminates very time-consuming setup changes. Laser cutting technology also enhances an engineer’s ability to design extremely complex parts that are too difficult to make with conventional tools. At Ohio Laser, customers can enjoy fast, inexpensive prototyping, since laser cutting requires little or no hard tooling.

Laser flat cutting creates tremendous efficiencies for the overall manufacturing process. Precision laser cutting technology increases per part savings due to lower fixture costs, higher feed rates, and multi-axis capabilities. Moreover, custom laser cutting improves job processing since multiple jobs can be combined and cut in a single batch. Additionally, laser cutting technology’s very narrow kerf (cut) width improves yields due to the efficiency of part layouts. Lastly, laser cut parts reduce order lead times since laser cut components usually require no edge cleaning, making them ready for immediate shipment.

In short, laser flat cutting with Ohio Laser leads to a more efficient utilization of materials, translating to cost savings for your company. The speed and efficiency of laser cutting permits manufacturers the ability to react quickly to market pressures, produce small quantities faster to maintain strong business relations with key customers.

We don’t care whether you call it laser flat cutting or “lazer cutting,” we invite you to contact us and learn how our technologies can greatly improve your products, bring them to market faster, and create significant savings for your company.

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