Steel is the most cut material with lasers today.  Over the last 10 years, laser steel cutting has been revolutionized by using fiber lasers.  These lasers allow for incredible cutting speeds and quality by utilizing much higher powers, better beam quality, and a shorter near-infrared light wavelength that is more easily absorbed by steel.  Today it is very common to see weld and paint-ready laser-cut edges using high-pressure nitrogen, air, or a blend of oxygen and nitrogen to cut various steel grades to up to 1/2 inch in thickness. Oxygen typically is still utilized on materials over 1/2 inch thick.

Steels cut by Ohio Laser include commercial quality, A36, High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) grades, Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS) Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), alloy grades 4130, 4140, 4340, carbon steel grades 1008, 1010, 1018, 1020, 1045, spring steel 1075, 1095 in any temper and other grades of steel.